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When you can’t find answers anywhere else, why not come here? Has anybody here ever encountered a metal clarinet such as this:
  • nickel plating over brass body
  • fused bell to lower joint
  • separate lower and upper joint
  • screw adjustable barrel (three separate pieces)
  • possible manufactured year 1934
  • possible original mouthpiece being Selmer HS
If anybody is interested in assisting and would like pictures lmk.

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upload pictures rather than give a link, uploading is extremely easy, you can do it in 3 ways , in the com box, directly copy (right mouse) and then paste ( right mouse too) directly in this box or under where you see an icon showing a paperclip brings you to your hard drive and from tere you click something which will be uploaded

Or insert image Landscape icon , drag an image or click there and it goes again to your hard drive.

The Selmer HS is only a mouthpiece, it has no bearing to the brand of your clarinet, unlikely to have been the “ original” mouthpiece.
If you can’t find any brand on the clarinet it may be anything , please show as many details as possible of any thing looking like a brand.

this is a Bettoney, for example
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