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Hey folks,

I hadn’t posted yet about this mpc, but I picked one up in a smaller facing earlier this year (a 3*), and it’s been a great mpc. Really happy with it, but just learned Theo is apparently discontinuing this model and coming out with something else next year. I imagine most people have gone for the more open facings but I’ve been very pleased with the 3* in my uses as a doubler. I just grabbed a 4 facing as well before they get too hard to come by. I think you can only get 5’s and 11’s on Theo’s site currently. FYI.
(FWIW, the 3* facing is pretty close to a 5rvlyre measurement. )

I know Theo is always pushing to innovate, but I think the Gaia is a really great model for exactly my type of use; a friendlier resistance level but still a full traditional sound that can crossover easily between classical and commercial. Might have too much sparkle for a strictly symphonic player, but again that’s not me.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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