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Walter Hartley's Concerto for Tenor

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My friend is playing this with wind ensemble soon, and he was keen on finding a recording of it. Is there anywhere I could find one? (Is there one?)
Thanks in advance,
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contact Dr. Hartley at - He records everything and is the nicest friendliest guy arround - ya never know what he will do if you ask nice!!

Check your nearest college's music library. Those places are pure gold for sheet music and recordings
Assuming you mean the Concertino for tenor saxophone, I second the suggestion to contact Dr. Hartley. I contacted him about the same piece and he was kind enough to send me two recordings - one of John Moore :) as well as the tenor player from the Coast Guard Band.
Yes, because there is no such thing as Hartley's Concerto for Tenor :O.
Gosh... it is amazing how much literature he has written for the saxophones.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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