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Walt Johnson for Selmer/Yamaha altos: Will it fit Jupiter?

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I have a Walt Johnson Alto case which is made to fit a Selmer or Yamaha. I need to find out if it will fit a Jupiter Jas 565gl. Unfortunately, I cannot physically try it out so I need somebody's advice.

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Geez's amazing the mis-information that gets spread around here.

The NEWER Walt Johnson cases (past two years) have dropped in quality. Rumors had it that some kind of natural disaster (fire, reportedly) stopped production in their factory. Then, the factory was moved to another country (Mexico, supposedly), where the quality continued to drop on the cases.

That being said, any Walt Johnson from 2004 or before (the majority on the market), is an excellent case. I know MANY student, amateur, and professional players who are still using these "older" Walt Johnsons. None have had the slightest of problems.

I used one for years, and never had an issue with them. I watched one of my past private instructors literally TOSS his prized Mark VI on a concrete floor in one of these cases. When the case was opened, there was not a scratch, ding, or dent to be found. I'm a repair tech, I know what to look for, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with this saxophone.

I once dropped my case down a flight of steps in a WJ case. Again, the sax was fully functional, no damage sustained whatsoever.

Are they expensive? Yes, they are. Are they extremely protective? Another yes.

The only continued reports of damage were in the older model of Walt Johnson baritone cases. That design fault had been remedied. I know 3 professional players using the new WJ bari case, and no one has had an issue with them.

There are plenty of cases available that are good, quality cases. Protec makes some excellent cases, as does BAM. For ease of carrying, small space, and great protection...the WJ would be the way to go. For incredible amounts of storage for everything, I would say BAM. A medium between the two would be a Protec Xtreme case.

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There will always be reports of bad things happening with any kind of "safety" product. You'll have a half dozen bad reports vs. thousands of perfectly satisfied customers. It happens with everything. Same thing with matter how perfect customer service is, something bad will happen sometime. That one could have been defective. Easy enough to do and happens with every product ever made.

Sorry your horn was messed up and that Mr. Johnson wasn't very nice on the phone. At least now you know what you like. :)

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