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Walt Johnson for Selmer/Yamaha altos: Will it fit Jupiter?

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I have a Walt Johnson Alto case which is made to fit a Selmer or Yamaha. I need to find out if it will fit a Jupiter Jas 565gl. Unfortunately, I cannot physically try it out so I need somebody's advice.

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jmathesonjr said:
According to Mr. Walt Johnson himself, the cases are made for one specific horn manufacturer: ie, Selmer or Yamaha or Keilwerth and they are not meant for another make or model.
Yes, but I think many of us have used WJs interchangeably (JK's excepted) with no problems. So I would try the WJ but make sure you can return the case if it doesn't fit.

Regarding whether or not a Jupiter will fit in a case made for a Selmer or Yamaha, my daughter has a Jupiter case holding her Yamaha sax and I've used the same case for my Selmer.
This is old hat so anyone new reading should know also that:

- this experience is regarding a Bari case, not one of the smaller cases
- there is plenty of anecdotal experience reported on SOTW to the contrary
- a vast number of touiring professionals use WJs
- like I said, many of us have used WJs interchangeably regarding of what manufacture the horn is, with success. You just need to check it out, that's all.

For more info read the infamous thread "The most protective case on the market".

JM, we are all sorry for your loss. :)
Well, having had both WJs and ProTechs I would not agree that the latter offers greater protection, and my experience with touring musicians, as well as my own experiences, is not the same as yours. That can happen though. I suppose probably the best thing anyone who wants to know what protectivity level a case has should just read the thread I referred to above and then draw their own conclusion.

Cannonball - a compromise solution might be to look into Hiscox cases. That wasn't your question, but you might want to consider it.
jmm1713 said:
Yeah -- Get something different -- the Walt Johnson cases are overpriced garbage
You know, jmm, there are a lot of inexperienced hobbyists on this site. It's always helpful to give personal experiences to back up statements rather than dogmatic, unsupported statements. It helps not only the hobbyists but, well, everyone. ;)

Saxaholic, your post reminded me that once I dropped my sax down a flight of concrete stairs, bouncing head-over-heels. It was in a WJ and, like your anecdote, survived not only without a scratch, anything out of adjustment, etc but even the case hardly showed a mark on the outside, LOL. That thing was built like a Panzer.

FWIW, I no longer use the WJ because not only was it built like a tank but with my JK inside, and having to lug more horns and equipment, it was just too heavy a case.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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