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Walking In A Winter Wonderland

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Does anyone know where I could find sheet music for Walking In A Winter Wonderland? (For Tenor)
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Like this; 5555535,5555545,557776,5554,333322221. Those of us who have studied chords and have played a long time do this all the time. I practice it mentally on all kinds of tunes. Anytome I hear a song somewhere I'm just automatically doing it. You just get to where you can 'hear' what chord note it starts on, and the intervals of the melody. Horn sections and singers do this all the time. On a two-horn gig not long ago, a request was called 'Satin Doll'. The trumpet man knew the melody but didn't know how to start. I told him it started on 65656 of the V, the key of 'F' was called and off we went.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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