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Walicki - "The Homer Suite"

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Anybody know anything about this piece? I've never heard of it or the composer, but it sounds fun. For those curious, the 5 movements are "Purple is a Fruit," "Jeebus," "Saxomaphone," "Brain damage-amage," and "Elivis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar." I found it on, and it seems like a piece that has an equal chance of being refreshingly good or mind-numbingly ridiculous based solely on the title.
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Composer is Ken Valitsky (I wonder if he's spelling it in Polish now...).

Saxomaphone is recorded by New Century Quartet on CD "Home Grown". Steve Pollock was telling me about Jeebus (kind of an inside joke) a couple of years ago, so I'm sure if you ask him, he can tell you more.

Also, if you're interested, try contacting the composer!

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