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Hi all, I have been inactive for quite some time but decided to come back to tap into your wisdom and knowledge.

I have recently taken up bassoon again after many years of not working on it. I have been wondering about the proper voicing for bassoon. From my research so far I "know" that it is fairly low, but just how low is low enough? On sax and clarinet I have used mouthpiece pitches to train and teach an appropriate "ready position" from which to make slight deviations. Is there a comparable test or technique for bassoon reeds? I'm not talking about a multiphonic crow with the embouchure placed at the string, but rather a single target pitch when the reed is in a "ready" playing position in the embouchure. Or, is there a completely different way to train appropriate voicing for bassoon?

Thanks for any advice. Links to resources and references would be amazing also 😀


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