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Vito by Yamaha YAS-23 - on SALE

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Just finished up this one, your basic YAS23, Vito branded.

In good shape, with some blemishes. Original lacq 85%. We only needed to replace 5 pads. The rest are at midlife and still sealing and feeling fine.

Chem bath, hand polish, some toneholes leveled, a few keys swedged, some corks and felts changed, lubed, regulated. Plays up and down very well.

There was a bell lip dent which we took care of, got around 90% of it so the rim is nice and level and in proper geometry. A bit of irregularity remains, if one chooses to look closely.
Also some lacq loss to the bell lip area. Completely aesthetic, again the bell doesn't look 'dented' or wavy. Tried to capture this minor flaw in the pics.

Also a bow dent we removed, resulting in a bit of lacq loss down there on the bow, as pictured.

But all in all, an attractive enough looking 23 given the condition of its lacq throughout. Some minor scratches and spotting here and there, but again really a very clean-looking horn.

Solid horn, keywork feels nice and snappy, all rollers are free, and again plays up and down nicely.

Due to the blems I will let this one go for $349 plus ship...which is $100+ less than I usually sell a Vito 23 for.

Paypal preferred. US Postal MO or bank cashier check also accepted. US and Canada sales only, thanks.

Ships from New Mexico. Good condition, probably-original case included.


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Oh, since it's been asked, if you cared to pay Paypal F&F I could knock off $20, so $329 plus ship if you pay with that method.

I can include a Yama 4c mouthpiece, used.
Sorry - was confused by the following statement in the rules (my apologies) - I guess this doesn't apply to members:

"it will be READ ONLY for the viewers, so that those interested will have to contact each vendor personally, either via PM/email or off the forum, in order to ask questions and make offers."
No worries...thanks for the Bump....:bluewink:
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