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I`m stuck in visalization question.
When we play we visualise things(scales, chords etc.) - it help us learn faster.
Till now I was visualize scales and chords on saxophone( finger combinations). But then I found out that I don`t ''see'' intervals good enought this way - for exammple on piano I can play much easier ''by ear'' than on sax. And on sax with visualization on piano(keyboard), too.
Third way how I can visualize is ''see'' scales on treble clef :space1: (this method suggest Jerry Bergonzi, Aebersold) and others.

questions :
1) Can I change my visualization aproach?
2) Wich way is better?
3) Should I visualise on treble clef becouse this is more famous( visualize on piano keybord could be sticky.)
4) How you visualise ( and what) and how knowingly it is.

p.s my english is a mess. Sorry about that.
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Thanks, nice reply, it helped me a lot. :)

.. ( but still many questions)
Rowka said:
I'm pretty messed up myself. When I'm figuring something out by ear or if I'm improvising I "see" the notes on the bass guitar (string and fret) then I have to determine what note it is (I know the notes of the fret board. Takes a fraction of a second to do, but I still have to do it i.e. if I'm on a D and I want an interval of a 6th, I instinctively know where to move, then that is, oh, a B), THEN I have to transpose it up a 2nd or down a min 3rd (if I'm on a tenor or an alto) by "seeing" that shift on the fretboard and playing THAT note on the sax.

Bass is my native music language.

It's like trying to learn to speak Spanish but still thinking in English.
Yes, if you have perfect pich it (transposing) could be a problem. Can`t help becouse I haven`t that problem :)
If visualizing on guitar works, thats not a problem.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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