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I`m stuck in visalization question.
When we play we visualise things(scales, chords etc.) - it help us learn faster.
Till now I was visualize scales and chords on saxophone( finger combinations). But then I found out that I don`t ''see'' intervals good enought this way - for exammple on piano I can play much easier ''by ear'' than on sax. And on sax with visualization on piano(keyboard), too.
Third way how I can visualize is ''see'' scales on treble clef :space1: (this method suggest Jerry Bergonzi, Aebersold) and others.

questions :
1) Can I change my visualization aproach?
2) Wich way is better?
3) Should I visualise on treble clef becouse this is more famous( visualize on piano keybord could be sticky.)
4) How you visualise ( and what) and how knowingly it is.

p.s my english is a mess. Sorry about that.
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Last time I was there, Aebersold was recommending the keyboard approach. This makes the most sense to me. He could sing improvised solos while pointing to the notes on a keyboard diagram.
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