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I'm breaking off this thread from my Band Parents thread in the hopes that I can try to point those of you who are band directors, music teachers, or parents of music students, or musicians yourselves in the direction of some of the virtual choir and ensemble videos that have been produced in the COVID lock-down and physical distancing era. Hopefully this will serve as a point of inspiration for when we go back into a lock down this fall or for schools that are doing on-line learning and will help music students to continue their music studies.

There have been a series of choir and ensemble videos produced with each person recording themselves singing or playing and then each individual video clip is edited together in post to produce a video with all of them on screen and playing/singing at the same time.

Here's the process:

1) A music teacher or producer builds a guide track/reference track with a basic melody, maybe lyrics and a click track
2) That reference track is sent to each member of the ensemble and they record themselves singing or playing with a phone or tablet or computer webcam, etc...
2a) Most of the time they use two devices, one to listen to the reference track and another to record to. Most of the time, it's not doable to record to the same device that you are monitoring from
3) Each video is sent to the producer who assembles the individual videos into the large full ensemble video using a Non Linear editor such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro.
4) The audio is stripped out of the video files and mixed in a multi-track Digital Audio Workstation, such as Samplitude, Protools, or Sequioa, etc... and then combined back with the video in the NLE
5) The finished video is uploaded to a streaming service like Youtube.

I have a friend who runs a company called Arts Laureate. They are a classical music recording company. Their history is recording wind ensembles, symphonies, choirs, operas, chamber music festivals, solos and duets, etc... They have created a service called where they produce and assemble these kind of videos for groups that want to engage in physically distant ensemble performances. But anyone with the right audio and video editing skills can do this same thing. My friend said that it usually takes between 40 and 60 hours to assemble one of these videos.

The following are some examples of this type of virtual performance:

Here's a longer video of Christian talking about this process (Easter egg: I'm in this video ;) )

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