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Hi forum,
I apologize if this has been discussed, but I didn't see anything directly related to this in the search.
What differences are there, if any between the original Soloist mouthpieces and the later Soloist-style scroll shank pieces?

I started my saxophone playing life in high school n s Soloist-style C*, spent a couple or years of so in college on a Rousseau NC4, and ended up on a Soloist C that I had refaced by Merlin Williams just before my stroke in 2008.

My one-handed sax is nearing completion and I had the idea recently that I might get a few Soloist style mpcs and have various refacers do their thing to them. If one of them stood out as better than my last Soloist, I'd probably switch. If not, I'd keep them as back up pieces or sell them.

I'm very much NOT a jazz guy. And, seeing as I'm going to be a beginner of sorts for a while, I won't be playing with anyone for who knows how long. I'm just curious how the original Soloists differ from the later scroll sanks tonally/intonation-wise.


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You definitely have it goin' on if your dedicated enough to have a one hand sax made so you can continue your musical journey.

If you pick up a soloist send it to me. I will rework it for free. You deserve some Kudos.
So do you, Phil. What a class act! I can also vouch for the fact that Phil does fantastic work.
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