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Vintage Selmer small bore ????

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Hi to everybody,
searching for a vintage Selmer Bb clarinet, someone know whitch vintage model is close to the actual Selmer clarinet "Recital" with a small bore (0.562) ??

I believe really that is very difficult to retrieve this type of information
but I would be equally happy for every small help and suggestion to this regard

Many thanks!!
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I've played a lot of Selmer soprano and bass clarinets over the years, and have had some serious trial time spent on all of the models up to the St. Louis. None of the other horns came close to the Recital save the Recital itself.

The obvious suggestion here is: "Why not a Recital?" There are even occasional used Recitals showing up on the after-market these days, so you could save some money by acquiring one of these.
I don't think there is a vintage equivalent ??

The Recital has a .. per selmer "a highly tapered .563 bore"
Keep in mind that the bore measurement is at the opening. it can vary right after that.

it's kinda like a mk VI .... there's only one mk VI out there and Yamaha doesn't make it. basically, if you like a recital you may find an alternative which is close to the sound but there's only 1 real deal.

I guess you could also ask a question such as, what other manufacturer models has an equivalent tonal quality (of course, all other variables being equal). Thinking about it now i'm not quite sure what other clarinet i would put in the same category .... they all vary in certain characteristics.
I thought the bore measurements are taken from the narrowest point on clarinets which is at the middle tenon.
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