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While I was researching this brand relating to another thread I came across this listing on Ebay showing one of the weirdest neck braces that I've ever seen

Maybe , in future, If I come across very special and peculiar necks I will post them here

Akustik Sachs. Musikinstr. Fabr. Klingenthal VEB, very decorative (like the rest of the saxophone, I Like this brand often featuring multicolored versions of the pearls)


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I took a long hard look at Akustik horns because they eventually morphed into B&S but most were so lacquer challenged I passed.

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I'll say one thing... between that and the soldered underbrace, that seems bulletproof for preventing any pull down damage. Compared to other braces it covers the entire length. Very art deco, too.

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this is a very interesting neck brace on a very old Couesnon found on ebay (the seller probably needs the money top buy a camera....)
The King Zephyr special has a similar double arch, but much wider/stronger.

this is not really a vintage brace but an interesting one nonetherless the neck is marked CH made in Germany
Very elegant but quite useless in terms of structural reinforcement, since it follows the shape of the neck.

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