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Vintage/old German vs. Modern (Kessler KCS1)? Thoughts?

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From reading around this forum (and the Kessler section), the consensus seems to be mostly positive on the Kessler KCS1. What caught my attention...obviously...was the price tag. It's comparably priced to two old German sopranos that a forum member has for sale (I purchased the tenor from him).

I'm a hobbyist, so I won't be doing any gigging. Just playing around the house as I get spare time. Which horn do you think will serve me better? If I appreciate the qualities of an older German horn (i.e. robust construction, dark tone, etc.) will I be happy with a modern Asian horn (i.e. the Kessler)?

I don't mind having an older instrument with character (my tenor is ~60 years old). However, the thought of purchasing a brand new instrument for the same cost also appeals to me. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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My biggest gripe with my KCS2 (pretty much the same as the KCS1, to the best of my knowledge, just with two necks (bent and straight) and ribs) is the left spatula Bb key, which seems to have enough travel that my pinky just can't keep up. Been thinking about getting some Sugru to built that up though.

It's actually quite sturdy, seems to have decent enough intonation (my emboucher is loose enough that tuning is a bit of an issue, I'm essentially all the way in on the cork), but being I'm pretty new to Sop, I don't think I can justify making an educated comment about it's response, tone, etc.
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