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I have an old tenor that has some history in my family although no one seems to know where it came from. I'm considering spending some $$ bringing it back to life. I can't stand having horns that don't play. I need some help identifying what it is.

The serial number area has the following info:
PATD DEC 8 1914
P (or B) 1707
L (the "L" is very faint but I think that's what it was)

I'm assuming "B 1707" is the serial # since it is also stamped on the neck.

On the closeup photo of the bell you can barely see the stenciled shape of a ribbon and make out the letter "S". There is no other evidence of engraving anywhere else on the horn.

Any ideas???

John J.

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It looks like a Conn stencil of the New Wonder Series I model horns, sans the front High F key. I can tell you that it has had the bejeebers buffed out of it, as the engraving is almost gone, and there are a number of repairs on it.
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