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Hi, I was thinking of buying a vintage saxophone (probably Buescher TT Alto) but had some questions...

So the links above are the ones I was looking at...
1. I'm probably gonna buy the Silver 1931 TT or the 1923 TT, but what would you guys recommend?? I don't know if the earlier or later TT altos are better...

The Silver 1931 TT looks fine with 95%+ original lacquer and comes with the original 2 star (**) neck, but not the original case.
2. Apparently the #1 neck is the best TT neck and 2 star (**) neck is not favoured... Why is that?

3. Also, would a Selmer S80 (C* I think...) or Yamaha 4C mouthpiece work well with the TT?

Thanks :)
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