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Re: Vinnie Golia at The Stone thru 4/15 in NYC

YES...GREAT SET. I love hearing Vinny. Great to see someone mentin his name here for once. Thank you Budget.

The set was pure Golia...I loved the Bari and " A" clarinet sounds, and the exotic flutes.Plus I adore Vinnys soprano playing.The audience was for sure his and I hoped there was more there...for a 10 dollar cover there SHOULD of been.

To me Golias music ( we've been friends over 27 years ) is pure and a very personal expression.What made the distance for Vinny has been his joy of discovery and expression, not some perceived fame.As a player and WRITER he sure excells in a world of stunning excellence. That said, here is another musician who didn't really get at a shot at the "brass ring" but is a huge part of important music. Vinny is a great example of the very overlooked fact that music is made by musicians, not just musicians who have the adjective famous or celebrated appended to their name. It don't help the artists economic footing, but there's always the music. The music is all we got. ( imho )

I wish I could of heard the 1st set with Tim Berne. :mrgreen:

Some Vinny history, I hope some enjoy it. Vinny did the art work on the BlueNote record of Chicks called...Song of Singing by
Chick Corea. Click here to see the cover ;

One of my fav Blue Note covers! Which points to the famed 19st NYC building that Brecker, Liebs, Holland and many others along with Vinny inhabited in the early 70's. Art was music and music IS art. Vinny was originally a very unique artist as you can see from that CD cover....then he got a soprano. The rest is history. A beautiful story.

FWIW- Those mouthpieces were Theo Wanne pieces- on bari and soprano. The reeds were that brand Forreststone or something like that. I just saw Vinny in NAAM in LA back in January 2011, when I was there with Theo. As I said Vinny and I go back, and he even remembers the 1st time we met in Allentown Pa at one of his gigs. Great guy- and a fellow John Carter fan too. Somewhere there is even something he did with Patty Smith ( who is a great clarinetist too ) in the vaults.

NICE POST BUDGET....Vinny is the coolest. A great one- doing it personal.
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