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Viking Legend and Virtuoso tenors - anyone compared?

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I'm wondering if anyone has compared the two tenors. Rich Maraday uses real MOP, and sets the horns up, which is plus, but I'm wondering how they compare in terms of sound, feel, and weight?
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I did read the post by David Wells. It seems the only information available on SOTW regarding this tenor. I have spoken with Rich Maraday and he seems an honest, no B.S. seller who appraises his horns without a lot of hype. I appreciate that. I need a backup tenor that has Selmer feel and am leaning toward the Viking both because of the tenor's set up, fair price, and because Rick is a repair tech with a lot of experience (formerly) at USA Horn. If my Mauriat doesn't sell here, I'll probably send it down to him to sell on consignment.
What are you not getting from your PM that would make you search for a different tenor? No judgements just really curious.

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