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Videos of Sopranino through Contrabass at Paul Cohen's House

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Well, this is a continuation of Dave Wright and I's multitrack videos. This first video starts with about an 1.5 min clip of what it's like when you walk into Paul Cohen's house. Following that, is a multitrack of Dave and I playing Sopranino through Contrabass.

2 notes to recognize. #1 - Dave and I have started a YouTube channel under the name "2 Guys with Saxophones". Not everything of ours is there yet, but some of our better stuff is already there - please subscribe. #2 - I keep talking about our fundraiser. We have about 25% to go (totaling our Facebook and GoFundMe fundraisers). I will put a link here to the "GoFundMe", and I ask that you donate something. In the grand scheme of things for the work we are doing we are not asking for a lot vs the effort we are putting in, nor the experiences we are sharing. So please donate!!

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That was really fun to listen to. How do you guys stay together? Do you have some sort of visible metronome? I don’t see any headphones.
Excellent. I like everything about it. (And the colored shirts really help.)
Why not edit your post above to get rid of the bad YouTube link?
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