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Videos of Sopranino through Contrabass at Paul Cohen's House

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Well, this is a continuation of Dave Wright and I's multitrack videos. This first video starts with about an 1.5 min clip of what it's like when you walk into Paul Cohen's house. Following that, is a multitrack of Dave and I playing Sopranino through Contrabass.

2 notes to recognize. #1 - Dave and I have started a YouTube channel under the name "2 Guys with Saxophones". Not everything of ours is there yet, but some of our better stuff is already there - please subscribe. #2 - I keep talking about our fundraiser. We have about 25% to go (totaling our Facebook and GoFundMe fundraisers). I will put a link here to the "GoFundMe", and I ask that you donate something. In the grand scheme of things for the work we are doing we are not asking for a lot vs the effort we are putting in, nor the experiences we are sharing. So please donate!!

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This is another that uses his contrabass (there will be more to come).

Again, please donate to the link above.

I think much of that is that not only are we playing the same brand open chamber mouthpiece (Caravan) of everything, but we studied together at the same time under Dr. Laurence Wyman (Rascher disciple) at SUNY Fredonia.
Ahhh - you want us to reveal our secret? (Evil sinister chuckle).

Let's just say making a video is a whole involved process. Dave and I have finally got it down and are using trial versions of software that make it easier for us, thus part of the reason we want donations.
Here is our latest with the Contrabass Saxophone. Mendelssohn's Trauermarsch.

Yet once again, I mention our fundraiser. Please understand that Dave and I are continuing to make these video's, provide you with saxophone education and virtual experiences, and entertain you during this continuing crazy time, all the while we are 1500 miles apart. Because of your donations, some things have been bought and implemented. Our goal is still desired/needed. Donations have been slow lately. We really hope that the people who really see the value in what we are doing will put forth some money. Every little helps. I'll yet again include a link to our GoFundMe fundraiser here.

Sorry had to replace the video with a better mix - and this one shows the contra off a bit more

Ha - probably because it was 11 at night and didn't think of it!! wait til this next post.....
This is probably the best visual to see the size difference we have done that shows Sopranino through Contrabass. Also it is the biggest so far with 13 saxophones. In the YouTube link, there are program notes for this piece written by the composer Steve Cohen. This is his "Sinfonia for Saxophone Choir"

So this last video has near 4K views on facebook. GoFundMe = $670. Facebook Fundraiser = $794. Other Facebook Fundraiser that got accidentally started then I quickly stopped brought in $25. Straight PayPal donation was $200. Thats $1689. That's $311 left to raise to meet the $2000 goal we set. We are so close!! Please help us get there!!! $311!!!

GoFundMe Link

If You decide to do PayPal, I'm the one handling donations, and my PayPal address is (Friends and Family please): [email protected].
This is the finale of 5 videos that I did at Paul Cohen's house using his Contrabass and Dave using his borrowed Sopranino in Texas (for now - not the last nino one yet for sure - and yes, hopefully there will be a point I will go to his house again and do more using some of his incredible collection of instruments). This one is a Walter Hartley arrangement of Bach's "Wachet Auf" or "Sleeper's Awake".

Now - with all the fundraising I keep asking for - we are now at 92% - with $181 still needed to reach 100%. I will put yet again a link to our GoFundMe. We are so close!! If we reach 100% please keep in mind that we are not stopping making our video's, but it does just help us monetarily as this crazy time has been keeping us from gigging. PLEASE HELP!!

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