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Very vintage metal Selmer mouthpiece....anybody knows the value?

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Hi there,

A few weeks ago I bought an old Beuscher and found a metal Selmer mouthpiece in the case. It has the fluted things on the side. According to Theo Wanne's site, these were the first metal mouthpieces Selmer made. It says on his website:

"The metal version of this mouthpiece had deep fluted sides and a medium round chamber. These were the first metal mouthpiece Selmer made which started in the late 40's. They all had the facing stamped on the table."

It has the original lig and slide-on cap too and has "Stentor" engraved on the top too.

Does anyone know the value of these pieces?
I have pics, just don't know how to add them to this thread.


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good one to play with but not being perceived on the high end of the market....I guess have to be around 180US...I got a slightly later version (also quite a vintage Selmer model mpc) for around 120US..
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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