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I went from a 6 to a .133 refaced link. It can be done, but if you have tried it for a while and are not happy there is no harm in backing off, thats why they make these pieces in all those different facings after all. One size does not fit all.

I have been playing larger facings on Alto for a while, so it was not a huge shock, and I hadnt been playing Tenor for long, so was not bound to the past as it were. Having said that, much as the monster link is fun, I think in the long run Ill be getting something a bit smaller for a more controlled concert band sort of sound, the link is great, but its not a jack of all trades.

I have no problems hitting the higher part of the register (with very soft reeds) There are suggestions that modern links dont have the best quality control over the facings, and i have read here that flat spots on the facing curve could result in the sort of problems you are getting. Has your teacher played your piece, and if so can they hit the highs? If not then it might be worth having one of the usual suspects do some work on it to even the facing up?

Otherwise, try a few other pieces and see what rings your bell.
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