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Apologies to all for not seeing this thread.

In response to Rackety Sax, the two designs are different. The original VersiTone (Acoustimer) is more in line with a traditional medium chamber style alto mouthpiece with all of Ted's concepts applied to that design. If you were to compare it with a Meyer, you would notice a different baffle shape and that the chamber is larger. Big sound, nice darkness and a little bit of buzz to the sound.

The VersiTone Acoustimax is made from a completely different material and hence is manufactured in a different way. The material that it is made of allows it to be manufactured to very high tolerances and so, extremely close to the original design file. This translates into less time being required to get it to standard. Limiting it to a few size ranges allows for Ted to keep the cost down a little on this piece. This is one time where less expensive doesn't mean cheaper quality. The chamber is different than the Acoustimer cousin in that it has a clear-core (straight through shape), i.e. no squeeze. As a result, it might look like the chamber is narrower than the Acoustimer but it's not. The chamber tapers into perfectly conical sidewalls that taper completely into the corners. This means a punchier sound without resorting to high baffle, lots of fatness to the sound. A pleasant result of this design makes this the easiest to play in tune alto mouthpiece I've ever played. Check it out on a tuner!

Check out Jesse Davis on his Acoustimax D
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