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Vandoren V5 s35 VS Otto link(hr)7*

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Hi guys,is me the cuban guy and i have a question for you.What's the different between Vandoren V5 S35 and the Otto link (hard rubber)tone edge 7* for soprano sax.?Ihave been using the otto link one for a long time but i have heard a lot good thinks about the v5
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I play an S35 and find it earier to play, with better response than a same tip opening otto link. I have not tried a link out for a few years but to me it sounds tubby and resistant, like there is someting caught in my thraoat. The S-35 has a really good tonal mass, dark sound and and nice edge with good center. I favour it over a Selmer Super Session for sound.
I've been playing an S35 on soprano for 15 years. I've tried others, including the Super Session's, but I havn't found a better one.
Saxland's comments are dead on !
Why did you post a question about soprano in the alto section?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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