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great reeds....I use them on alto now, after I have been using Alexander superials for a while and very happily changed to V16, so, now, 8 out of 10 usable reeds in a box....that is, in my book, a great result and economy.

How would I or anybody know the reeds size " you" can handle or prefer? I use size 2 or 2,5 on a a STM 5 I would say try this strength....

If your chops stay the same the higher you go with the tip opening the lower you go with the reed , but there are limits! It makes no sense to have a very open piece and a very weak reed, you'll loose control and intonation.

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craisycraze said:
What is your opinion on vandoren v16 reeds
I think they're nice reeds when I get a good one. Lower register seems to be a bit more work though. Nice clean sound.

craisycraze said:
what strength should the reeds be on a vandoren v16 HR A6 and A7
I'd say most players I know would use around a #3 for those tip openings.

craisycraze said:
does higher tip openings mean lower strength reeds????
All else being equal, yes. If the tip opening changes aren't that drastic you may not have to change strength.


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I like Vandoren V16 2.5's on my Runyon Custom 7. 3's are too hard. They are nice reeds but don't last very long for me in this strength. I get longer lifespan with other reeds, but I still like them. Playable right out of the box, and consistant.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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