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Vandoren V16 Optimum Help

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My Son's Teacher has asked him to get a Vandoren mouthpiece with a gold resonator ring. He couldn't remember the model name.
I found this V16:

But how come most of the V16 Optimums that I'm finding as a mouthpiece only (and not a kit) do not have the ring? What does the ring signify, anything?


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My V16 alto has the ring and looks like the current tenor V16's. But I got it a few years ago. The pic in the recent WWBW catalog shows it without the ring. My Optimum alto doesn't have a ring.

And V16's and Optimums are really 2 different pieces. The V16's are jazz pieces and the Optimum is a classical piece. I suspect the reason V16 and Optimum are in the title of that package is because it includes a V16 mouthpiece and an Optimum ligature.

But yeah, the ring is just decoration. It's just a part of the mouthpiece painted gold. I've never heard it called a "resonator ring". It doesn't really mean anything.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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