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I aquired two mouthpieces from the same series: Vandoren V16 A5S and A5M in search for a better alternative to my stock mp. As a beginner who more cares now about proper tone production rather than about specific features I like both of them while I can clearly here the differense in sound they produce.

Both are quite closed mp's:
A5S: small chamber
A5M: medium-large chamber (although Vandoren calls it 'medium'); larger bore?

I've read some threads about these pieces but those discuss more advanced material than I need.
So could you please help me understand some basic things:

Q1: I noticed that in order to achieve proper intonation I have to pull the A5S out so it goes on the neck just a little further than half the cork. On the other hand, the A5M should be pushed in more to maintain intonation.
Is that a general rule that the larger the mp chamber is the more mp should be pushed in?

Q2: I want to practice regularly with one of these two mp's. Which mp of the two in your opinion would be better suitable for beginner as a 'beginner' piece? If you give an answer could you elaborate on this please a little to understand the reasons?

One thing I like about A5M is it's smoother tone and my first impression is it could be played quieter more easily than the A5S.
Can the A5S make the higher notes (with the octave key) to play easier compared to A5M?

To admin: I just noticed I posted this probably to the wrong section. I intended to post it into the MP section. If it is critical please move this into the appropriate place.
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