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Vandoren made Woodwind brand sizes

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I see a lot of Vandoren made Woodwind brand pieces for sale but the sizing is S,ML,L...etc. Does anyone know the what these equate to in actual size(ie .105,.110)?
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The blue ones right?

I have a "ML" tenor piece that from memory I measured at about .120 in my hokey way.

This is if I put the table on a flat glass plate I can slide a 0.120" guage pin under the center of the tip. I should probably double check before you take that as gospel though.
EZ said:
I've had several with the same marking but different sizes. Sorry - can't tell you what they were. Only that they were variable.
Hey Ed, what the kosher way to measure the tip size?
EZ said:
After draining all the blood, you can use a set of digital calipers - using a small flat, hard, rigid surface against the table which reaches out to the tip. A small piece of glass, lucite, etc. works well for this.
Is it just an optical illusion that makes it look like the aperture a little larger in the center than at the side rails?

Or if thats really the case due to the curvature of the tip I guess the size is the largest the center right? In theory the guage pin thing should give pretty much the same result I think.

Thats a fine looking piece eh;)
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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