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I am using a Yanagisawa No5 Mouthpiece and was thinking of changing to a Vandoren AL5 or the new Yanagisawa YANY AC150.
Has anyone tried both of these mouthpieces?



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I actually just went to look up numbers for this.

Vandoren AL5

Yanagisawa 5

Yanagisawa 150

Vandoren AL3

Vandoren AL4

Yanagisawa 4

So I would personally suggest a Vandoren AL3 or Yanagisawa 150 for a classical mouthpiece. I use the Yany 150 and a Selmer Scroll Shank for classical alto. I think the Yanagisawa 5 you have is more for style flexibility. I have experience with the AL3, AL4, and Yany 140, and Yany 150 but not the AL5.
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