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vamp issues

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i have discoverd an issue with my piece that standard vandoren reeds wont fit without having my lig so far back its almost falling off. i was wondering if anyone had issues like this or knew any reeds with a longer vamp (like the old box of ricos i have ) or had a simple soloution.

pics attached of issues.
(vandore on rght compared to the rico's)

heres a pics of the vandoren on the piece

look at how far back i need to put the lig to get it to not sit on the ramp
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That is my biggest gripe with Vandoren bari reeds except the price.

You could try Hemkes.
It may be just my imagination, but the reed on the right looks like a bass or contrabass clarinet reed, not a sax reed.
maby... i bought 2 boxes from a unknown music store.... do you think i could have missed the slight difference in pictures on the box? il go dig in the trash as i just threw them away i think.

edit: i guess we will never know, i think i threy them away for good, but do you have a measurement of a standard vandoren bari sax reed vault so i can compare?
Yeah, I've noticed this too.
But from my measurements of a Vandoren Bari reed I have here the bark is 63mm long, from the Butt to the french cut.
And from the french cut line to the center of the tip is about 110mm..

I've always wondered why the Vandoren Baritone reeds have such odd proportions.
I think Vandoren bari reeds just have a really long vamp. They're also wide, if I remember correctly. It's not a huge issue for me, since I can't afford them anyway, but I tried one once and it just felt like it didn't fit on my mouthpiece at all. Of course, my mouthpiece is a Rico Royal Metalite, so maybe it only makes sense that Rico Royals work best on it.
pardon my lack of termonogy, the vamp is to long on the vandoren reeds and the ligature sits on it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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