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Value of this Kohlert Tenor?

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Today I saw a Kohlert tenor in a pawnshop and I'm trying to determine its age and value. Has the Kohlert logo and the nifty diamond-shaped engraving on the bell. Serial Number is 66099, but there's no model number. Rolled tone holes, very solid plating, hefty-feeling horn. Just needs a few loose posts soldered and has a few very minor dings.

I can get it for around $300. I won't lie to you; I'm interested in flipping it after having my local horn shop ensure it's in playing condition. Think it's flip-worthy?

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Depends on the model. If it is a later model you may not get enough out of it unless you could do the work yourself. The winnendens, 55s and 57s get decent prices. I've seen them go as high as $1400.00 although not usually that much. The later ones marked "The Kohlert" or just "Kohlert" fetch less. I never see them sell for more than about $500.00-$600.00 tops. These have a rep as being not as good although I don't think its necessarilly true. I've said this many times, as a players horn I think they are great and severely under valued.
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