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Value of this Kohlert Tenor?

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Today I saw a Kohlert tenor in a pawnshop and I'm trying to determine its age and value. Has the Kohlert logo and the nifty diamond-shaped engraving on the bell. Serial Number is 66099, but there's no model number. Rolled tone holes, very solid plating, hefty-feeling horn. Just needs a few loose posts soldered and has a few very minor dings.

I can get it for around $300. I won't lie to you; I'm interested in flipping it after having my local horn shop ensure it's in playing condition. Think it's flip-worthy?

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I would think yes if it's playing ok with not much more money spent (say $200 on top of the $300), looks nice and isn't bent or bashed. I did think that the older Kohlerts always tended to have a model name on them, though. But the rolled tone holes must surely mean it's not some more recent thing trading on the name. It's marginal, though. I don't think it's going to make you a fortune.
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