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Value of original facing Meyer 3M NY Meyer alto mpc?

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Hi folks,

I’m curious what a fair market price of a 3M original facing ny Meyer is currently? Considering selling one and curious what people here would consider a fair price. Thx
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Yeah, if it ain't for you, I'd just sell it. Not everyone outside the vacuum of SOTW has to have a large tip opening and you'll probably get a few hundred for it as is. No guarantee though, whoever buys it won't wreck it.
Well, if you're not hard up for the cash, you could always let a kid use it. I had a Meyer NYUSA alto 5 medium that my son played in grade school. Until of course I found out how much it was worth. Then I got him a bright blue Jody Jazz to take his mind off it.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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