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Value of original facing Meyer 3M NY Meyer alto mpc?

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Hi folks,

I’m curious what a fair market price of a 3M original facing ny Meyer is currently? Considering selling one and curious what people here would consider a fair price. Thx
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Looks like it’s a 1960’s early model NY USA, matches Theo Wanne’s description and pictures.
Yes, I figured it would be less. I had thought about having it opened up, but didn’t want to pursue that if it was better left untouched. Jimmy Jensen took a look at it at the NASA conference last spring and felt as the tip rail is already so thin it would be a challenge to get it opened to maybe a 5 at best.
I’ve been trying it the last couple days with hard reeds while I’m teaching lessons, and it does play well but the low register could be better. It doesn’t feel particularly amazing from behind the horn but it’s got a nice sweet ring in the sound when I recorded it. Not surprising, it sounded like a Meyer ��
All the same, seems slightly sad to only be using it for teaching 5th grade lessons.
Ha, my son started alto last year in band and I set him up with an hr yanagisawa 5 mpc I had here. My conscience wouldn’t let me send the ny Meyer out into that world !
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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