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V16 chamber modification

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Has anyone bored out the chamber on a V16 to make it big and round--more like a Link?

BTW, I'm not contemplating doing it myself, and I do have a Link. Just wondering, what if?

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hey, that sounds like a dam good idea! I love my v16 but lately i've been wondering if it could be improved or even just customized for the sake of having something that sounds personal
You might want to talk to They do this with the rubber alto small chamber pieces to approximate a vintage Meyer Bros. mouthpiece and they do the medium chamber version to approximate a vintage Link.
good question. I was also wondering if anyone had tweaked a V16 as I think it's a good candidate to turn into a terrific MP. I am contemplating sending mine to Ed Zentera to have him remove the rollover baffle and reshape the baffle area to a concave or channeled baffle with scooped side walls. I think this would improve playability, for me anyway.

My V16 is metal (T75). Is metal more difficult to modify?
I have a metal T55 V16 modified by Dave Tondi: opened to .105; throat/chamber opened up and the sidewalls in the lower chamber scooped out a bit. The baffle wasn't modified (just polished to a shine), so I found it too bright for my liking. A Barone Jazz happened along at the same time, which I really like sound-wise, so I never really put any time in getting used to the V16. Big, ballsy sound but, again, too bright for me with the amount of rollover at the tip. Takes a lot of air now, too. I might like it with the baffle taken down just behind the tip.

I'll sell it as soon as I can figure out how much to ask, given that it's now different from original.
I have a T8 faced by Ed. It looks & sounds like he smoothed over the tip baffle. It's not as upfront as it was, but the longer(med) facing & the solid sound is great. I'm using Daniel's #3 1/2.
slant Link copy

Brian Powell produced a copy of my teacher's slant Link using a V16 5M as a blank. This definitely included work on the chamber -- I just found Brian's notes on the mods he made.

Check out this link:

edit: Just noticed this thread is tenor mpc... apologies, hope info is still of interest.
Valdez Slant copy

I've heard rumors that Brian Powell's new alto piece is going to modeled on my Slant Link, but I haven't asked him about it. I just tried one of his Mouthpiece Cafe Espresso tenor pieces, modeled after Bergonzi's Slant Link. It was too bright in the upper register and not centered in the lower. I'm thinking that the compound he's using is not soft enough. Using a mold injection technique is quite interesting though. If you've ever played a nice Brilhart you know that this manufacturing method can turn out some really great mouthpieces.
I have a V16 A6S coming in next week that Erik completely customized like chitown said. I'm going to post a big review and pictures after playing with it for a few weeks.
David, I'm curious which model of MouthpieceCafe piece you actually tried. The Espresso is based on a short-shank soloist, with the same horseshoe chamber and dimensions. The slant supreme is based on one of Mr. Bergonzi's slant Links. Listening to customer feedback, we've realized that the supreme was a bit bright, and have remade the master/mold, the new castings now are inherently a bit darker. These will be the main castings now, but we're still going to make the "supreme bright" available as an alternative. The material is formulated to really approximate good old hard rubber, that's the first comment we've heard about it possibly being too hard. I'd love to discuss it with you, and owe you a phone call anyway.

OH- man, I followed the chile sauce recipe you sent with the chile powder, that stuff was burning! I've missed NM chiles! Absolutely burning- my wife and i loved it!!! THANX!
V16 Refaced


I have my Tenor metal V16 T75 refaced by Kay Siebold in Germany.

He did a great work, now it sounds just as I wanted to do it.

I wanted to improve the low register, a bigger sound in the low register, warmer and powerfull with a big and easy subtone. Also a tad brighter tone on med-high register. Well, just he did it.

Now it has an enormous low end, with big, round, easy and powerfull subtone. More free-blowing, easy to play in all registers......................Great!!!!!!!!!!!
Now it measures about 0.117.

I own and have tried a lot of pieces (JJ DV, JJDV NY, Guardala LT Studio and MBII, V16 HR T7, Java T95, AMMA, Vintage Link HR, Floridas, Morgan M, Springer R, RPC R, JJ HR*, Dukoff D, Yani metal, Ponzol M2+, TE and STM Links form the '80.......) many fo them very good ones in wich I always find something interesting, but for me, the best, more complete, easy playing, sound I like.......... is this tweaked V16. I liked a lot before refacing, in fact, I had two of them and I refaced one, so now I can compare both.

I own the two T75, T77 and T95. The T95 gives me some things I was looking for with the refacing, and works very similar to the refaced, but refaced is better in all aspects: centered sound, more body to the sound, best low end, better tone (for me), easier playing, free-blowing...............

Now the "combat" will be against the (on the way) Freddie Gregory M-II.

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did he carve out the sidewalls or only modify the facing? Any pictures? Just interested.
I will post some pics.

Pics available

Great piece, great work.

I'll try to ring you soon. It was the Slant Supreme that I tried. I would have to say that it did sound like Jerry's piece. He's great of course, but his sound isn't my cup of green chile. I would love to try out your new Slant piece because always do great work.

I think that I probably would not be happy with even the best mouthpiece on the planet if it wasn't made from vintage compound. There's just nothing like it, period. Someone should go set up shop in a third-world country that has lax environmental laws and make rubber compound the way it was meant to be made, the dangerous and toxic sh*t. You guys think I'm joking?
I play a T9 slightly modified by Ed Zentera.
Plays better than the factory version, the rails are thinner and it's extremely reed friendly.
I think it's kind of a neutral piece-in a good way!
Good intonation, great response and so on and so on:)
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