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V1 neck

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I just got my V1 neck a couple weeks ago from Prowinds. Boy is it dynamite. I seem to have more body int he upper register and way better intonation. They should sell this with every 82z alto. Anyone else got one and love it? I've noticed little or no difference in resistance vs. the standard neck. I have the limited edition LN horn so the neck is not cryo treated but I think that was just a sales gimmick.
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I've recently tested two of the new prototypes of the Z, both with for alto the G1 en V1 and for the tenor the G1 and G3. For me the G1 still worked best for both, way better to steer the sound and more focus, but there were 3 other colleagues testing them too and 2 of them preferred the V1. It all seems to have to match up with the rest of the set up and sound concept of the particular player. We all agreed on how intriguing it was that one player sounded better with combination AA and another with combination AB. So the match (reed-mouthpiece-)neck-horn really depends on the player and what you are after... Just my experience...
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