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What do you think is the best music to use the alto in?

Using the Alto

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What is the best music genre for the alto?
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Funk! Like Maceo Parker. Wasn't an alternative thou..
Udikas said:
Funk! Like Maceo Parker. Wasn't an alternative thou..
Random Noises Catagory.

Missed the anything catagory.

I don't know if it's common in university music programs to inflict the alto on all entering students, but that's pretty much what happened to me. I'm a "non-traditional" (read geezer) student who began his 'formal' music training at the local state university well after retirement and really hoped to study and become proficient with/on the soprano. I showed up for my first studio lesson with my Yani SC992 and was told that in order to learn proper hand/finger/etc positions I should work with the alto. Just finished my 3rd semester and am still on the alto - although I am given the option of jazz or classical! I cheerfully admit that I am getting better, or at least less bad, but still hope I live long enough to do justice to my Yani sopranos...

(Of course I do cheat a lot :twisted: and play soprano, 'nino and soprillo at home - and bari in the city band.)
We'll have to give you a call to come sit in with our band on bari some time!
Given the options, I voted Jazz in General, but that's because "in general" I like jazz, and specifically the saxophone used in jazz, but not necessairly limited to alto.
[] All of the above.

although I agree with Udikas - go Maceo !
Jazz in general.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

There's nothing better than good alto.

There's nothing worse than bad alto.

I don't know if there's an instrument that I love and hate more, depending on the circumstances. I never love the oboe, so that doesn't even qualify.
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heavy weather makes a good point...and of course(being the alto player that i am) alto is best in ANY music.....if it's good music....
Since I play a strong mixture of both, Alto and Tenor I like the Alto sound if it fits. In Jazz, I love playing the Alto part. Escpicially with my New Alto near the top it SINGS!!! AWWW. Now I have to go pratice.
I don't think there's an answer to this question. You should rather ask WHO is good in WHICH genre. Alto can be for any genre, it all depends on who is playing it...
I clicked jazz in general but to be honest, the sax, indeed most any other instruments, are very versatile and can fit any genre of muisc, IMO. Music is music and one can make that music in any way they want, even with a musical saw!
jazz in general, but, I agree, that's because I love saxophones and I love jazz. I do listen to some classical saxophone music but it ain't my cup of tea, at least, not all the time. I also love progressive rock of the 70's buth there was not too much (I know of all the exceptions to the general rule) real call for saxophones in that type of music. I personally think that alto calls for a more pronounced vocal approach, while tenor is much more atmospheric and it offers more possibilities when you play ballads or more experimental music.
You also left out, leave the alto at home and take a real sax like tenor, bari or bass to the gig instead.
Bootman said:
You also left out, leave the alto at home and take a real sax like tenor, bari or bass to the gig instead.
If only they didn't have the same range as a trombone. I like to be above the trombone...;):D
I voted for Bop. Although it is a wonderful voice applied to all the other genres as well, the particularly articulate voice/response and swift action of the Alto make it stellar for the Bop application.
Bootman said:
You also left out, leave the alto at home and take a real sax like tenor, bari or bass to the gig instead.
LOL, my sentiments exactly. Actually, I voted "Bop" since I do think the alto fits very nicely in that genre. I mean, after all, just listen to Charlie Parker (then again, how many Charlie Parkers are there?). And it also is fine for most jazz. The alto is fast and fluid. In the right hands it has a great voice.

But give me a tenor!
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