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US Distributor for Freeneck harness

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Is there a US distributor for the Ergonomic Systems Freeneck harness series?
This harness is sold by German and UK distributors, which will ship to US, but I am wondering if I can find a better price from a US distributor. The harness can be seen at the link below:
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I'm in the UK, but the only place I could find it online was Thomann - I think they ship to the US? They do come heartily recommended, I've used them many times and have always had efficient and prompt service from them.

Also, I'm finding my Freeneck harness works really well. I've been having a lot of neck and back problems, including vertebrae locking together in my upper back under the pressure of my bari strap, giving all sorts of issues and pain. The harness seems to be alleviating a lot of this, so I'm pretty pleased! :)
So they do! I think I even looked there - I must have rooted through the "other straps" section and not even noticed they had a category of their own...!

Still, they are a little cheaper at thomann, so no harm done to my wallet!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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