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Upper Back Issue - Anyone using a FreeNeck Strap?

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Just curious if anyone is using a FreeNeck Strap. I know it's EXPENSIVE but I had some SERIOUS neck pain this past week cause by LONG and LATE gig.

So much that I didn't take the chance of practicing due to a TRAVEL gig this past Saturday.

Does the FreeNeck strap work? Does anyone out there have one for sale? Does is have to be sized to the body of the player?

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I tried a harness a couple years ago. I felt like the weight of the horn was sitting on my chest. Althought my neck was free - my breathing felt forced and contricted by the strap. Maybe I'll have to give the BG Harness another try - at least for a back-up.
I was able to try a Freeneck this post weekend. It was a Holloween gig so I wasn't worried about it looking a little strange. I found my neck in better shape but the strap dug into my collar bones. When the weight of the horn is on the strap it sits down nicely; however, when free of the saxophone is springs more straight which would make wearing a suit jacket difficult.

Altough an interesting design, I think it's a bit overkill for my gig situation. If I was a full time Bari player then this would be the way to go.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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