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Hi all,

I have been trying to make my Refund and Returns Policy a bit more in line with current online business practices and client expectations but my day to day job as well as my mouthpiece making activity have kept me away from it for too long. Today I eventually managed to finalise my new Refund and Returns Policy which is available here: Refund and Returns Policy - Avel Sound Concept

In a nutshell, I am now accepting returns for ASC mouthpieces. The refund will be for the original purchase price minus shipping and a small restocking fee (8.5% of original purchase price). In order to keep the policy more palatable to customers, I have decided to charge shipping at cost to me, that represents a 3$ dollar saving to you which previously covered my packaging and packing costs.

The restocking fee is always a controversial subject and I debated about it for a while. In the end, the main benefit of the restocking fee is that it allows me to offer a return address in Portland OR for US based customers. Therefore saving US customers a significant amount in return shipping, paper work and troubles. For the time being, I am afraid I can't extend this additional perk to other countries yet but I am trying to find solutions for the EU and Australia.

As a one-man band, it is quite difficult to offer an international return policy that is inline with the big businesses but wherever I can find a small saving, I will try to pass it on to you so you can enjoy affordable, handmade, hard rubber mouthpieces.

Just to conclude, this new policy is applicable for ASC mouthpieces bought on or after the 25th October 2021.

Cheers, Max
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