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up to $2,000.00

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I want to get a new soprano sax no more than $2,000.00. This is for playing solo at church and out at coffee shops, etc (Christian music mainly). I use to play clairnet and it's been several years but I was 1st chair back in the good ol' days in school. What's a high quality, long lasting soprano sax I can get in this price range that will give a good sound, low maintiance and will last a life time? I have looked at Yamahas and Selmers but don't really understand the difference in all the soprano horns out there. I don't know if color increases $, but I want a silver one. This will be my life long music partner so it needs to last. Any thought? Thanks. Blessings. Twila:treble:
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...or a brand new Antigua Winds 590-SPC.
I'll second the recommendation of Antigua Winds. I just bought a black 590-BC from Kessler Music, and I couldn't be happier.
Twila: I think you are doing the right thing by setting a $2K budget for a soprano. So many new posters try to get into soprano on the cheap and while it can be done, the better the instrument, the more likelihood of a soprano-beginner having success.

There are some good sops at the $1K price-point (the previously mentioned Antigua, for instance), but uping the ante makes for an even better instrument. Check with Kessler.

Among the modern Big Four sopranos, I'm partial to Yanagisawa, having previously owned Yamaha and Selmer. But the reality is that any of those brands, properly set-up, will do the job. There are differences (too many to mention here, and probably too SUBTLE to discuss here, too) but your audience won't hear them. Let us know what you decide. DAVE
Thanks for your help. Here's the thing. I have a connection where I can get a new soprano sax for about half the cost plus shipping. So at the most I'm looking for a $2,000.00 horn but I will only have to pay about half of that plus shipping. Any more thoughts? Thanks again. Blessings. Twila :treble:
So are you looking for a $4,000 horn that you'll get for $2,000, or a $2,000 horn that you'll get for $1,000? If the former, get a Yamaha YSS-875EXS; they go for about $3,500, so you'll have money left over for a nice mouthpiece.

P.S. Can you hook me up with your source?? :D
OK, thanks. What would you recomend for the $2,000.00 horn that I could actually get for the $1,000.00? Thanks again.:treble:

PS - I would be glad to hook you up but this is a one time thing he's letting me do. :cry: Sorry.
Twila: Deep discounts on new instruments are not rare. If you can spend $2000.00, follow previous advice. DAVE
fballatore said:
get a Yamaha YSS-875EXS; they go for about $3,500, so you'll have money left over for a nice mouthpiece.
I bought my YSS-875EXS for under 2900 new, and i didn't even have a "connection".

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