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Strange thread title ? Well, first of all it is just PURE ENTHOUSIASM (after HUGE frustration...).
In summary: 3 Squeezboxes (by Logitech), a NAS server, music all over the place, even with turned off computers. All controllable with our smartphones.
You're gonna say: what's the point, every one does it.
Are you really sure ?
I've been through some frustrating steps and rainy sundays to get there.
I started 6 years ago to compress all my CDs, De-materialization, they call it. Mainly to feed my first mp3 player, a Creative Zen with 30GB.
In parallel, I bought my first WiFi audio decoder (Terratec Noxon) 5 years ago, mainly to play Internet radios, like TSFjazz (Paris) and Jazz24 (Seattle) on our main stereo.
Later, I bought a NAS (network attached hard-disk), mainly to store our digital photos (another time and $ consuming hobby) through our WiFi from any place in the house.
It started to become clear that there was an interest to merge all those bricks into a consistent system.
Ever heard the concept of interoperability ?
Can I use a NAS instead of a computer to feed all those boxes with our 10'000++ titles ?
As I received a Logitech Squeezebox Boom 2 years ago, which convinced me through it's excellent sound, and the very stable network operation (almost no dropouts), I decided to go the Squeezebox way.
The associated server application DOES run on a selection of NAS, unfortunately not the (cheap) one I already had. C'est la vie.
So I bought a NAS system officially supported by Logitech.
We also replaced 2 Noxon WiFI receivers by 2 more Squeezeboxes (they come quite cheap on auctions).
Guess what: once the whole "bazar" unpacked, turned-on and networked (I know our WiFi pw by heart....), ... nothing worked. Just as usual. :evil:
I had to go through firmware upgrades with all those guys, tweek some "ports" on our WiFi router, rebuild index, etc ....
And, suddenly: EUREKA !
Dexter Calling, everywhere ! Well, actually, no: my Better Half :smack:is listening to Eric Clapton downstairs. :cool:
My office/studio/rehearsal room is the only one still on an old Noxon, but I have enough other hardware (see signature) to make noise up here.
So cool: you just go to your phone, choose any artist, album, piece, and just play it on any device. :mrgreen:
On n'arrête pas le progrès....

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