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Unknown Tenor Sax type / model => engraved "ACE"

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Hy all,

A family member bought a tenor sax engraved ACE (see pictures) a long time ago. He doesn't remember the seller, nor the manufacturer of the instrument.

I'd like to know the details of this instrument (manufacturer, model, experiences, ...). Google has not made me any wiser, I never read something about an ACE-engraved tenor sax.

Could someone help me out?



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Does it say made in West Germany?

I am almost certain this is a Dörfler & Jörka made saxophone, they are worth a bit less than Keilwerths and yours doesn’t look like it is in very good shape so, that affects the value quite a bit for a horn like this. The lacquer looks very strange and is badly flaking off.

Probably made in the ’60.

Interestingly it has a high F# (or ist it a high D trill?), rolled toneholes.

They made stencils under many many names, this would have been one of them. Not much of a muchness but if well adjusted
Yes, also the very distinctive front crew to tighten the neck (adopted also by Keilwerth, but only for some time, and Martin for some models).

Certainly not a very expensive horn, not even when new.
What would this saxophone be worth?
Hello , it is not easy yo make a fair assessment of the value of any instrument without seeing it.

A Dörfler & Jörka is worth certainly less than a Keilwerth but then conditions play an important role, the way it plays (does it need any work?) and so on...

The example above, frankly speaking wouldn't impress me much and I think it would be worth, in Belgium, a €200, max. ( in the US probably quite a bit less), but if it looks better and plays well and it was overhauled maybe you could get €600 in a private sale... a shop would ask more maybe up to €1000
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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