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Anybody out there have any idea about this guy?

I have a silver saxophone (my uncles) it looks so old and its silver with maroon pads but no label?
Unknown Saxophone brand has no label anywhere on it except the number 2 below neck

I have looked in every single place on sax there is no identification on it, not because it faded because its just does not exist you can fairly OK condition no idea if it plays

here are the pics on flickr of the sax any ideas what brand this is or what type this is and if its even worth anything anywhere?[email protected]/
(my uncle used to live in India for 30 yrs for mission trips so I think he got it from there
This was asked on Yahoo! Answers originally. It looks like an alto (based on the neck) that's missing its low Bb. On the other hand, it looks kind of skinny for an alto, more like a tenor to my eyes...but this might just be an illusion due to the short bell. Anyone know?
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