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Unknown German sax

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Can anybody identify this Alto? It looks like it is in decent shape but I've never heard of it before.
(Sorry to spill the beans if you were watching it.)
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It's from the Weltklang stable. Solid enough student horn, but nothing to write home about.
Looks like a good deal for somebody if it doesn't go up in the last few seconds.
I've got a Meister, my alto in 1996 and still the only alto I have. There's one on UK Ebay as well. I think they're great saxes - may be considered student horns but c'mon, they can't be all bad if I'm still happy to play on it after all these years. They're built like tanks, you can't go wrong.
Somebody is getting a clean horn cheap.
Carl H. said:
Somebody is getting a clean horn cheap.
The one on UK Ebay is in the same condition and is only about twenty miles from me. It's £150 ($293 ish). I'm tempted, even though I have one already. No bids on it so far, though. Might be because the dude keeps spelling it 'saxaphone'...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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