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I'm working on selling my grandfather's Steve Goodson Unison alto (S/N 00040). Haven't been able to find much info on this horn around online, so I thought I'd pitch it to the forums. Would be good to know how to price the horn, and any recommendations for where to post it for sale would be welcomed as well.

It was purchased new about 10 years ago, played and maintained very regularly. Slight damage to lacquering here and there, but otherwise in very good condition, and no dents or anything that would affect sound or tuning. After a while, he ordered a custom second neck from the manufacturer. Photos here:[email protected]/

My grandfather bought the horn new about 10 years ago, and he played the lead alto book with it in his big band for about 5 years before replacing it with another new alto (he loved this horn but, ever the perfectionist, thought he might be able to do a little better with a Yamaha Custom). I've played it recently, and it still has a solid sound and good action.

Any advice is appreciated, as we'd like to sell this as soon as practicable.

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