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Steve Hackett on guitar with his brother John playing flute.
The HJ apparently was created to help him overcome a disability due to an accident.
You can see it starting around 3:45 in.


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There are a couple of companies that make these, the ones I’ve seen and tried bring the flute more to the center....

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Interesting! The shape is a little like the albesiphone, which I've read about but may not exist. Who makes these?

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Maarten Visser ( a Dutch Flute repairer and Headjoint maker) is a member here and has made these for many years now.

He has also produced a one hand saxophone and many other customized instruments, he specializes in this craft.

Business address
NDSM-plein 55
1033WC Amsterdam
the Netherlands
+31 6 50 84 35 19
[email protected]
Bank account NL90INGB0001712972
Chamber of commerce no: 33189016
VAT (BTW) no NL146612504B01

Alternatively, visit one of our representatives:
606 S.Rochester Road
Clawson MI 48017 USA
[email protected]
phone 1-888-590-5722
Meindorfer Straße 174
53757 Sankt Augustin
[email protected]

Hi, folks
I just finished making this adaptive saxophone for a customer who only has one hand to operate the sax. To stay within budget restraints, I developed a novel key control systems, with dyneema cables. There is a one-legged stand that clicks on the sax, so it has a single support point on the ground. This allows the player maximum freedom to move around. There is also a side support so she can use her (barely functional) left hand to keep the horn in balance. It is a breeze to play. If you have any questions, fire away!
best regards from rainy Amsterdam!
Maarten Visser,
web site:
Dear saxwebbers
I'm delighted to ell you all that I have won the OHMI 2016 Aaward for one handed saxophones I built for Neill Duncan. Here a vid:
I built a tenor first, and then Neill commissioned a soprano. Neill is performing professionaly on both instruments.
best regards, Maarten Visser
Flutelab, Amsterdam

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Fabulous! One-handed flutes have been made for a century, but the one-handed saxophone is much more difficult, and Visser's work is absolutely brilliant.
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