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Under Appreciated And Sometimes Over Looked-- Trane

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To many great recordings with "THE QUARTET" during this time period so we sometimes forget about his cd Dear Old Stockholm
This CD pairs two unusual Coltrane sessions made when Elvin Jones was absent from the saxophonist's quartet. His replacement on both occasions was the estimable Roy Haynes. A superb drummer who had worked regularly in the preceding years with Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, and Thelonious Monk, Haynes brought his own distinctive touch to the quartet's chemistry, an almost lacy dance around the beat and a lighter touch than Jones's powerful polyrhythms. The 1963 session produced "After the Rain," one of Coltrane's most majestic invocations, and "Dear Old Stockholm," the folk tune first recorded by Stan Getz. Here it receives an extended exploration of its minor mode, capped by a beautiful Coltrane cadenza. The 1965 session finds Coltrane in one of his most tumultuous periods, bringing singular intensity and convoluted invention to "After the Crescent" and "One Down, One Up," and meditative depth to "Dear Lord." --Stuart Broomer

One Down, One Up is an awesome tract. One of the most difficult Trane solos --and to play the transcription is a major challenge.

What makes this recording so different for that time period is Roy Haynes--- absolutely stunning the way he pushes Trane

listen and learn from THE ULTIMATE TENOR MASTER:!:
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the crazy thing is roy haynes is still playing great 44 years after this was recorded
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